RMA & Returns

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Limited Warranty

All hardware products invoiced by Techland Associates, Inc. have a limited warranty as following: One year limited warranty on all goods except CPU’s which has 90 days (OEM) limited warranty excluding any physical damage. This limited warranty is contingent upon proper and normal use with installation, and does not cover products which have been subjected to unusual physical or electrical stress. Some manufacturers may provide their own warranties in excess of the Techland Associates, Inc. warranty.

Limitation of Warranty

Techland Associates, Inc. will not be responsible for any consequential damage to systems or components, either internal or external shorted connections, data, peripheral equipment, painted surfaces and like caused by the failure of a product in invoiced. The warranty excludes any and all damages caused by physical, excessive abuse or use, liquids, electrical current, chemicals, oxidation, corrosion, or exposure to elements. The warranty is on the Techland Associates, Inc. invoiced products only for the duration of warranty period.

The limited warranty does not cover any losses or damages that may occur as result of the following:

  • Damage during shipping
  • Improper installation or maintenance
  • Misuse, neglect, or improper environment
  • Any modification, repair, adjustment, or installation options
  • Parts added by anyone other than Techland Associates, Inc.
  • Excessive or inadequate electrical power, surges, or irregularities
  • The breaking of certain seals

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Techland Associates, Inc. will assist its dealers and customers in the repair or return of product covered under a manufacturer’s warranty upon request. Techland Associates, Inc. in no way claims responsibility for these products or their warranties.

Service and Support

Service and support to help you with your purchase is available. If you should have any problem with your order or products purchased on this Techland Associates, Inc. invoice, we urge you to contact our technical support staff before deciding to return the product. You must follow the return policy outlined below.

Return Policy (RMA)

  1. Fax the RMA request form to RMA department with a copy of invoice..
  2. The assigned RMA number must be used within seven days, or it will not be honored.
  3. The RMA number must be shown clearly on your shipping label and package.
  4. A copy of the original invoice must be included on the product was shipped to you
  5. All RMA return must be shipped to Techland Associates, Inc. with freight prepaid. Any freight collect or COD package will be refused and returned to you.
  6. All return goods must be received by Techland Associates, Inc. within the warranty period.

To receive credit for market value, you must return goods in original unopened package within seven days of invoice date. After seven days goods are subject to a restocking fee of 15% deducted from credit issued. No credit may be deducted from your remittance to us before we issue a credit.

Techland Associates, Inc. cannot accept returns or give refunds on all Software, Retail Boxed Processors, Notebooks, Blank Media, Cartridges, and etc. Defective merchandise must return to the manufacturer directly. For more information, please contact our RMA.

Legal Action

In the event of legal action with regard to the products, service, receivable, return (RMA), or other dispute arising from the sale(s) between Techland Associates, Inc. and it’s customer, the following are agreed:

  1. Techland Associates, Inc. reserves the right to “choice of forum” (i.e. the stat in which litigation shall be filed and tried).
  2. Techland Associates, Inc. reserves the right to “choice of law” (i.e. avoiding the application of laws foreign to the California Sale).
  3. In the event of a suit (or pursuit of arbitration), the prevailing party will be entitled to recover attorneys fee incurred by that party in the action.